Thursday, 24 January 2008

hotties of our time..

blog stalking goin on.. hahaha! yummy mummy's blog today has really made my day. thank you.. thank you.. luvv u for it..i was really bummed out over the heath ledger thingy.. sigh..

anyways.. yummy mummy has provoked my inner rock star.. which, i honestly believe has mellowed down wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy too much over the years *grin*

but lately its coming back & creeping out of my pores. btw.. i also think this was the reason m not so lovesick after hearing from caveman a couple of weeks ago.

i was a huge fan of Ash back in my skool days. during my uni yearsn i luvvvvv time wheeler.. i can count the number of people who actually listened to the things i listened to in skool. my kind of music was always the odd one in uni.. especially in my house in JB.

and being far from my peeps does things to me too.. but deep down m still a rock chick & i think i finally made it home.. *LOL* .. (khemy.. cuba ko cabar aku pakai rock chick tees aku kalau aku pregnant nanti.. ade berani.. belly buttons out & everythin.. LOL)

i really should upload some more indies in here.. and dish out the soppy ari lasso.. ahhha!

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