Monday, 7 January 2008

The God of Small Things

at last.. i finished this book. i cant even remember when i bought it! ive been really slow on my reading department lately. and to think caveman wants to get me a box of books as hantaran.. ini satu penyiksaan!!!!!

this book.. is a very confusing book. confusingly good! i have no idea how i would go about in explaining this book. it was a bit frustrating at first, reading this as it goes back & forth.. current.. past.. past.. current.. but i think it was mainly because i couldn't concentrate. trust me.. with 3 otromen around.. raksasa pun fed up!

but this weekend.. during the long journey from s'wan - cyberjaya - bangi - rawang - s'wan.. i manage to finish this book.

its a super book. read it. of course this link will give away all the superness of this book. *LOL*

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