Wednesday, 9 January 2008

god bless and old soul..

ive been watching an old lady for more than a year now. this particular lady was selling crisps and chips.. (kerepek.. tumpi..empeyek.. sume la).. everytime i see her.. i get a sinking feeling in my gut. she would walk from as far as 20km. i see her everytime im out for lunch. at different places. where does she live? how further more did she walk to get to town?

during Ramadan.. i saw crossing the street as i drove back to my office. it was the last day of Ramadan. she hailed a car & i guess she was hitching a ride home. where are her kids? its eid tomorrow aint it? and she's out at 3pm selling chips.

recently she would sit by the door of our ATM entrance and sell these bits. everytime i walk past her my heart sank even deeper.

this morning.. as i was rushing to the door (late as always).. i saw her walking up to me, smiling (she must've remembered me.. due to our cendol incident. which still made me smiled). i can see now she sells breakfast. wee, abis 1 bakul.

i dunno why m rambling... i guess i just need to vent. cos when i got to my cubicle this morning i cried. i cannot put two & two together. where are her kids? grandkids (she's very old.. 70 the least)? i saw my mom.. my grandmoms.. my peeps moms.. if only its them. what would i do then?

i hate this feeling i have everytime i see her. so tell me what should i do?

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