Thursday, 3 January 2008

kul baper dah ni??

m not so much of a watch wearer.. but since caveman gave me 1 for my birthday.. i had to wear it. its pretty weird at first but now m used to it. which it weird cos i remembered, through out my childhood life.. ive always loved watched. i had my 1st watch when i finished standard 1. i clearly remember it.. a white & turqoise digital *grin*

since then.. my dad always get me watches.. until m old enough to get my own.. i get my friends (and exes) to get it for me for bithdays. until one day.. my watches all ran out of batery..i just stopped wearing watched.. hee.

during my high skool years.. i've always wanted a baby G. i still cant remember why. and i never came around to buying them. until yesterday. went running with mom (ok.. brisk walking *blush*) & i realised.. everyone had a watch on them. funny.. i must be walking really slow to notice all this. hahah! so i thought i must have 1 too.. yela.. takkan la nak gi jogging.. gi pasar..(kalau pergi).. panjat gunung (kalau larat) and gi white water rafting (hekhek).. nak pakai my super steels tissot? jenuh menjawab guaaa..

so i checked out Baby G's website.. i thought the price must've gone down .. after more than 10 years.. tengok2... it's even more expensive!! hmm.. takyah la. its not even on ebay. hehe.

sigh.. i should go to the local gift shop .. to get one of those Made In China funky plastic watches. hehehe! but this ring watch on ebay is kewl.. dun cha think? ;)

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