Thursday, 3 January 2008

Rumah Rehat Adeline's

during the new year's holiday, as i was browsing through su yin's blog.. i came across an entry on Rumah Rehat Adeline (Adeline's Rest House). surprisingly..its in Gopeng.. about an hour's drive from here. so i told my colleagues about it. since i mentioned Gua Tempurung and no one seemed interested. haha! i think a little out in the sun would do us all good.

it's a pretty neat idea this rest house. it even won the most exclusive accommodation at Perak Tourism Appreciation Award in 2007. and i didn't even know about it. this happened to me a couple of times in December. Gua Tempurung was asked by my s'porean witch, and i told her i never set foot & have no idea what the hype about *blush*. then.. i came across a local blog which shows a pretty kewl temple which to me would make a kewl photography project.. and i never knew bout it! maybe i should make it a 2008 resolution .. to discover my own State.

so my senior manager made the bookings.. and now we're trying to decide which activity we're gonna do (m rooting for white water rafting but no one seemed to want to get their ass wet *d'uhh*).

cant wait..but maybe i should start running to build up some mass muscle. m building my tiny army of peeps against my manager! btw.. sexy back wont make it. damn. kurang 1 target. or is it kubu? *LOL*


izailiha said...

hahaha... cudn't agree more. pls..go and discover tat gua.

little miss kechik said...

heheh! nanti la i bawak caveman. sure die suka .. *LOL*