Wednesday, 30 January 2008

leavin on a jet plane

all my bags r packed & m ready to go..

agak2.. kalau wa nyanyi depan umah.. mama melalak tak? hahahahha! will not try..

my bags are all packed.. and being a 60L.. it stands at 1/2 of me! *LOL* and i thought i packed light.. but it turned out to be pretty heavy. i cant imagine climbing the last few kilometers of Mt Bromo in em. i only pack clothes to last me til i reach bandung on the 6th day.. and its still heavy. i guess m just not used to carrying backpacks. its usually those stroller bags..

i think i have every essential thing i need in it.. :

tees, pants, innies.. check
sweater... check..
jacket.. check..
gloves.. check..
towels.. check
biotherm ..moisturiser, cleanser, mask(ala kecik je! m gonna in the heat 4 so long k!).. check
dermalogica.. toner, sunblock.. check
all shampoo.. check
toothbrush/paste.. check
Rp.. check (lamak blum tukar!)
itinerary.. check
passport.. check
bookings... check
menatang tutup mata & neck pillow.. check (8 hour train & bus rides aids)
reading book.. check
obat2 & 1st aid minis.. check..

here's the itinerary.. (for those who think this packing list is overrated)

Day 1 .. fly to surabaya.. travel up to cemorolawang to hike up to mt bromo very early morning on day 2

Day 2.. climb up mt bromo for sunrise. note :3am :(( travel back to malang.. and hopefully get to venture around..take a nite bus to solo

Day 3.. venture solo.. move to jogja.. stop by prambanan.. reside in jogja town

Day 4.. venture jogja town..move to manohara.. a hotel in the borobudur compound

Day 5.. sunrise in borobudur.. jenjalan merapi&parangtritis (tak ingat) take a night train to bandung

Day 6 - 8.. bandung bandung!!

Day 9 .. venture to jakarta

Day 10 .. venture back to bandung.. beli lagi beli!!

Day 11.. home sweet home.. weee!!

Day 12.. cuti.. recover

Day 13.. kerja.. uwaaa!!!!mogokkk!!!

i will miss all my blogstalkers...

mwahhhhhhhhhhhh! see u in 14 days!!


seweng said...


have fun there!my last outing to indonesia was last year march,to bali...

i think i might want to 'round' the java island next!


do update us when ure back k!

little miss kechik said...

eeeee... me very2 nervous la..hee!

yea.. pegi2.. nanti i help u map put the itinerary.. budget..transport.. sume!

a yummy mummy handbook said...

babe...dont let the bag carry you...:)
have a nice trip up to the mount and be a shopaholic!!!..

take care...will miss ure ramblings!

zaza*jaja*george*kamben*whothehell? said...

babes, recce place for bridal shopping in bandung yah!

little miss kechik said...

oh yea.. definitely did.. will update yah. no worries dong..!

Exotica! said...

As much as i love travelling and adventures, i guess i'm not used to bringg backpack...(unless i stay in a budget hotel).. A friend of mine used to say " Backpackers don't get respect".. :-)

Well, we girls always need (big)suitcase (and probably need some extra ones) due to our craze in shopping!