Tuesday, 29 January 2008


ive confessed to a my peeps that i have an obsession. and its been going on for a week. yes, the ledger's death. its creepy i tell u. i never know i have it in me *LOL*

i would google all the articles.. google all pics..watch all his movies.. again..worst.. i can remember every line i read.. every scene.. the worst was reading his family's tribute.. its so heartbreaking i wish i didn't remember it! but i did!

its crazy! ive gone crazy! and in the midst of my crazy madness packed schedule to finish all my work & prepare for the backpacking trip.. i still have time for all this. still have time to watch a knight's tale. again! and thinking (once its finished).. what shall i watch tomorrow night. when all my clothes are still on the floor.. backpack still empty.

ofcourse.. my attempt to root more peeps into this obsession was a success.. some watched casanova.. some watched lord of dogtown.. some reading his tributes (u know who u r.. LOL).. but they all think ive gone sewel.

i dont know how to stop this. i sure hope m back to normal once i land in surabaya this friday. sigh. life. m so heart broken.. w/in this 7 days of his demise.. ive lost 2kg! and ive been piggin on carbs. i kid u not. some tell me to see a shrink. hahahaha!

there will never be another heath.. another sir william tatcher..another ennis del mar.. ever. u will sorely missed by everyone who admires your work.

someday i'll tell my kids.. grandkids.. mummy dulu.. sampai kurus merana psal mamat ni la.. (sambil pasang dvd a knight's tale.. brokeback susah cket nak tunjuk kat underage..)

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