Friday, 25 January 2008

wanna go on strike anyone?

today we received in our email that our union is fighting for a 25% wage increase. some say its not enough.. considering the clericals just received 30% and our guards just received 35%. hmm. so are our managers.. i dont know how much they make.. but they're making some.

well.. honestly to me.. i really dun care. money is money to me.. but at the end of the day.. i have a job. and all this fighting for increment.. is out of my forte..

the current super stressed out situation at the office (not becos of the wage) makes me wanna goo home & watch telly. but i cant cos there aint any good ones lately. and cant catch up on my tv episodes online .. cos due to the writers' strike.. all of my fav telly shows are put on hold.

so here's a pretty kewl slide show.. to help u recall what happen the last time ur fav telly went on air.. make sure u remember em the next time it goes on air. whenever that would be *sigh*

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