Friday, 25 January 2008

too soon..

yes.. m still not over ledger's death.. i dunno why.. i felt a certain d'uhness since wednesday. macam clash la plak! hehe! i guess its only becos he's soo talented & hot. and the net and E! is not helping me at all...

there have been regular updates on both the net and telly (like.. why on earth would the masseuse call the Olsen twin instead of 911?? and why did the Olsen twin caller her private guards to go check on him, instead of askin the massuess to call 911?) i guess things happen.

and til today, i still didn't think he was a junkie. it was just, accidental.


some of the headlines.. :

Ledger masseuse made 4 calls to Olsen

Heath Ledger took pills for stress and insomnia

Call for help: 'I think he may be dead'

Tests on Heath Ledger to Take Days

Funeral Arrangements for Ledger Complete

Heath Ledger, vulnerable male

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