Thursday, 28 February 2008

30's.. successful.. single

watchin these clips does not make me wonder why these 2 men are in their 30's, successful and single..

they make me wonder how many more of these are out there..

senang citer..

there's nuthin wrong about these guys.. they're ok i must say. sounded like most of my mates. but :

one put girls in boxes and categorizes them..

another just thinks too much (fast food love? jap kata men&women have too much checklist thats why they're single.. jap cakap he is also into those..make up ur mind!!!!!)

i remember yummy mummy telling me when i bought "Why Men Love Bitches.. and Why Men Marry Bitches (1 fren caught a dog, arent i glad i drop that book half way *LOL*) .. these books make you think too much. dont read em! its true actually.

life is complicated enough.

tadah je la...

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

1 comment:

sugarysweet said...

i think the best remark was by that lady who said..."CHICKEN!"