Monday, 3 March 2008

rain, wedding, parents and latecomings..

it was a busy busy weekend..


it rained all the way to KD.. all the way throughout the solemnisation..all through the following nights. sigh.

attending a childhood buddy wedding was a mixed feeling altogether. but watching him glance over the Tok Kadi, smiling at me.. i knew there's no where else i'd rather be..

visited yummymummy's parents too. the parents have seen each other for a while. saw the photos her daddy took during their recent Cairo trip. cik piah has grown so much i badly miss her. and yummymummy dah slim melim i missed her even more! and it was funny watching her mummy (and my mummy) laughed when they talked bout bubbles..then cry when they talked bout her. *LOL*

Late comings..
*grin* the aftermath of all of the above combined.

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