Tuesday, 19 February 2008

Day 4 : Yogya, Yogya!!! (Part 1)

my day was well disturbed by a subuh aftermath. we were so beat the night before, we left our keys outside our door. lucky us, the door was locked from the inside as well. but some lady, thinking it was her room (for reasons i dun know why) woke us up by trying to unlock it using the key. obviously pissed, i walked to the door, eyes 1/2 open.. and knocked on the door.. from the inside apparently.. and apparently gave her the shock of her life. *LOL* beristighfar ibu tu! hantu la kot die ingat. hahaha! it was soo funny when we talked bout it in the morning. all i hear her say was " astagfirullahalazim, saya pikir kamar saya".. ngehngehngeh!

yogya is a clean town. seriusly. well.. atleast to the parts i went to it was clean. Pasar Beringharjo was kind of like Pasar Klewer of Solo, only less batik. and no, batik solo was not found here. a lot of fabrics nonetheless. those ready made baju pengantin.. mak ai.. heavy beading berkilo2! for only RM100. i didn't buy anything here cos i couldnt wait to try the infamous bakpia.

bakpia is sold everywhere in jogja but, only a number of it a yummy. The most popular bakpia is known as Bakpia Patuk. bakpia is some kind of pastry, with fillings such as greenbean & yes, cheese. everything in indonesia seemed to have cheese in em. trust me, the cheese bakpia is yummmmyyyy!!!!!!! for a box of 10, its only Rp10,000. unfortunately on our way to bandung, we bought a different brand of bakpia.. and it wasn't as nice. boohoo!!

we took 2 becak to go to the kraton. yela, takkan nak naik 3 orang kan..hehe. we met 2 very nice pak becak.. who waited for us patiently when we were in Taman Sari & Kraton. i asked my pak becak (whom i couldn't remember his name :( ), how much does he make per day. he says it depends on tourists arrivals. he usually makes a lot between June to August. he rents the becak for Rp3,000 per day. has 2 daughters, 1 still in school.. and just not making enough. he's old i tell ya, and i feel sorry everytime he has to get down & push the becak while going uphill. yela, i probably lost only 1kg up until the 4th day. *LOL* so on this note.. do give em more.. it may be peanuts to you.. but it meant a lot to em..

anyways, the Taman Sari is where the kinds & queens have a splashin good time back in the days. the pool are divided into 2.. 1 for the princesses & the dayang2 (the royal maids).. and 1 for the king & queens. there's a tower overlooking the former pool, in which the king will take his pick for the dayang of his choice. when decided, he will throw a white jasmine to the pool. neat huh? then the dayang will proceed to the make up room..and waits for the king in the waiting room. in which, underneath the bed is a sauna where herbs are steamed for whatever reasons. neat innit? hehehe!

we were told the Taman Sari was used by the 1st til the 3rd king of yogya. and it was during a transition time from the Hindu years.. to the muslim years. so its architechtural was a mix of both. which puzzles me everytime i see it.

i bought 2 paintings in Taman Sari.. which i loved and plans to hang in my crib. when i have em that is. and m not even sure if caveman likes em.. but hei..its not like he's around a lot in the new home.. teehee.

woops, too long an entry.. to be continued....

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