Sunday, 24 February 2008


nuff said..

but yesterday.. i did this aura cleansing chakra thingy majiggy..and it was weird.. and got me even more malas.

the reason i did it..? welll, ive been having problem breathing during sleeping.. to a point where i woke up gasping for air. mummy thought "someting" followed me back from the trip. teehee. i kid u not. well.. i didnt actually believe it.. cos i basically didnt feel anythin different bout myself. i strongly believe it was some kind of asthma attack, though i never had em.. but its genetic.

but then again.. as we went back to my brother's place in SP.. they were all convinced that i had to be "cleansed". n m like.. whaaaaa??!!

so after a day of shopping in queensbay.. we met my brother's friend.. aptly named "Master". he told to to recite the bismillah, syahadah, al fatihah, selawat.. and zikir throughout the process. my brother & mom was in the room the whole time.

actually its not some kind of spiritual thing la i think.. its just for him to see if there's anything wrong , physically or spiritually.. by seeing and balancing the chakra. ntahla... nak citer pun tak reti. funny thing is.. my eyes were closed & the lights were behind me... but throughout the process.. it was like a light was right in front of my eyes. silau! i was then told its the colour of my aura or something. n m like.. yellow? my least favourite colour. but as i go through the details.. it is me : independent, optimistic, celupar, moody.. *LOL*

i also felt a bit of pain in my head. like mini migrains. and my bro said my head was kinda buzzin during the cleansing. hheee!

well.. turn out.. takde pun yg ikut balik dari trip tu. bikin suspen aje. he said m just.. cold. cold??? that's that?! and no more mandi malam..


ape point entry ni pun tatau. m tellin dat guy flip out all my chakras...*LOL*

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