Tuesday, 26 February 2008

Day 5 : Yogya, Yogya!!! (Part 2)

yes, i know this was a bit delayed. but its been crazy. ive been pretty lazy at work.. and now m just stressing out. this is not a good working year for me.


we proceeded to Borobudur on day 4th (late afternoon).. and having missed the last bus to Borobudur, had to take a bus to Semarang. it dropped us in Muntilan.. where, by 6pm.. is a dead city. no bus. no taxi. nothing. all shops are closed. moments before arriving in Muntilan, we were joking about the only thing we havent took was the ojek a.k.a the motorcycle. well, duh.. that was the only thing left to take to proceed to the borobudur.

so the pak ojek took us to manohara hotel.. probably our only posh escapes in the entire 11 days. it is located smack in the borobudur compound. from the restaurant.. i can even see the borobudur. which explains why a lot of people said it was a long walk from the main entrance. sorta like walking to the middle of the angkor wat. but to us.. it was a brisk walk in the park *LOL*

we chose to stay here for the sunset. its the only way you can catch the sunset.. at 5am plus. by not staying in manohara, u had to wait for the park to open at 6am. but at the end of it.. we didnt catch the sunrise. it rained. boohoo.

but the borobudur was great after all. it was different from the angkor wat, only due to the surrounding. from it, you can actually see Mt Merapi. the view was fab.

we charter a mini van to go back to yogya, as we have a few stopovers planned. without charting a car, it is pretty impossible to go to kaliarung, kaliadem, and parangtritis (a beach in Yogya).. its just imposibble. under such short time that is. cos its just too far apart. kaliadem was a village in which was struck by the volcano. from there, you can actually see mt merapi. but alas, even at 3pm.. it was foggy. and we see nothing.

the only time we saw the sun was a sunset in parangtritis. the seafood was good & cheap.. and the sunset was very nice.

we took a train to bandung at about 9.45 pm. it was a long 8 hour ride, which i slept all the way. i was just soooo tired. and, i need to conserve some energy for my shopping sprees. which, starts in Bandung..


to be continued.......

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