Sunday, 24 February 2008


ahh... some can already tell what this post is about. well, cant blame a girl for luvin a hottie right. i have a feeling m turning into a bridezilla soon. as much as i hate it.. i better channel it elsewhere, rather than at my innocent peeps.

some asked how i recovered the heath tragedy. well, easy, it was his beautiful buddy, jake Gyllenhaal *LOL*

takde.. i have been watching some of his movies.. and i must say he's just as good. its just like watching ledger.. gyllenhaal movies are either indie, unheard off .. but became a cult. point in case.. watch donnie darko & u'll know what i mean. i especially love The Good Girl, with jennifer anniston. and of course.. everyone loves jack twist. jackk nasty. *LOL*

sigh.. reese witherspoon is 1 lucky lady.

did i mention he's pssssssttttttttt hot?! and watch any of his interviews.. sigh..

yea, i miss caveman. m just venting. btw, he called.. and kemaman is off limits for another *shock shock horror* month! *sob* he called for only 2 mins using the satelite phone. whatever that is, i dun like it. hee.

good nite peeps.. enjoy ur monday. not.

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