Saturday, 15 March 2008

at the movies...

i feel like watching a movie this weekend. but i dunno what. m soooo tempted to watch another Ledger's movie. but i dont wanna end up an emotional wreck (yes, even watching a knight's tale can give me that effect). well what can i say.. even Gyllenhaal couldn't replace Ledger that is in the mini atoms in me *sigh*

maybe i should watch Jarhead (another Gylenhaal movie). but i saw the preview of The Secret Diary of a Call Girl.. which starred Billie Piper. aaww... we all remember Billie, dont we? in our uni years.. she came out as the Brit Britney .. singin.. because we want to..!because we want to!then screams "do you a girlfriend, can i get your number".. dont ask me how i remember.. i just do.. she was huge in S'pore (neighbours maa.. get free tv&radio waves). so now.. she's back & i must say she looks the same.. but pretty hot.

so maybe i'll watch this secret diary of a call girl.. and give my verdict.. let's pray its not as bad Gossip Girl (dont watch.. mediocre!)

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