Sunday, 16 March 2008

sunny sunday

i have a thing for giving takde kena mengena titles..


i know i should've blog &uploaded photos on this particular event weeks ago. its not like i dont have the time.. i just havent gotten around to play w/ my T50 for a while. i notice the shutters have been pretty slow. it was working wonders in Java.. but now its just.. slow..? i dunno. majuk kot since ive been eyeing the Nikon D60 *grin*

so i havent been happy w/ the results its been giving me. i gave up on most occasions.. it just stayed in my bag.

but today i finally get to upload Azrul's wedding pix.. since he called to remind me (how subtle, not!).

i also realise my flickr has maxed its 200 pics limit. dang! maybe those blogvertise money will to upgrading my flickr to Pro. huh. USD25 gone. but not until i remembered i still have fotopages. i dont really fancy it though.. uploading takes forever. not to mention i can only upload 6 at a time. but i think my USD25 is worth somewhere or somewhat else *grin* so.. slow pun slowww laaa.... *LOL*

Little Miss Kechik's Fotopage

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