Wednesday, 19 March 2008


a stressful day indeed..

came home to see my little brother, chatting with his old skoolmate.. who, ironically is the daughter of my most irritating, most ridiculous, most unprofitable, most time consuming customer. he's also most feared by sexy back a.k.a boss. at 24, studying, guess what she's driving. a brand new sparkling Honda City..a free ride? of course la. and when did i bought my bat mobile? nuff said.

hungry, with nothing to eat.. my neighbour is probably cooking some wicked noodle cos i can smell it from my room. tell me what can a strict dieter eat that actually taste like real food? nuff said.

so i turn on my pc.. wait.. its already turned out.. surely adik tengah download & further melebabkan pc aku.. youtube..and search "extravaganza indonesia"

what the heck is this you might ask.. its this super kewl Indonesian version of the Saturday Night Live. i saw this the first time when i went to Bandung, back in 2006. then everytime m in Indonesia, i will always look out for it on TransTV.

dummy me.. i never looked it up on Youtube. It's been there all along. takyah gi sana. *grin*

so peeps.. when ur stressed this up... it will cheer you up..especially Aming.. who is fabulous when he's playing a woman.

provided.. you understand Indonesian


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