Thursday, 20 March 2008

tricky thursday

happy hols peeps. well whatever's left of it that is.. teehee! not much of a holiday for me either.. had to work today... surprisingly the office was quiet a crowd. and we worked harder than on normal days *grin* i'd like to believe its because we were in our own skin.. instead of the corporate skin we wear everyday. anyways.. that RM85, just like that.. lepas la nak beli cat 1 tong. kot? i much does a pail of paint costs anyways?

m watching the money too much these days.. scrutinizing every purchase.. every savings. even caveman is not sparred. i know he gets a little too excited on the shopping bit everytime he hits the shores.. this time i told him to imagine that money for the Tissot, is worth a super cool couch. didn't work. switch to telly? definitely *LOL* told him there's a media room for him.. totally bought it. now he's in the bus, thinking what how he should paint it *hee*

oh yea, he's coming home tonight *woohoooo* but due to my tight schedule (with the audits & end of month papers & all), i will only get to see him next weekend. i dont care.. sexy back will give me that 2 days off! *weee* shopping & caveman.. just what i need...hehe!

ive been missing my peeps too much lately too. songs makes me weepy.. photos / vids makes me misses their hugs..i have not seen a majority of my fav peeps since Raya!

and we're on our way to finish my super fab favour for the solemnisation. this m soo excited about. now i understand why people charge a bomb for this. but i still dont understand how the price could get ridiculously inflated in Lovely Lace. i made them at a cost of only 5% of the retail price *chicken dance*

maybe i should get into these gifts business. i cant afford a wooden door that faces a bridge over a pond overlooking a hydrangea garden with the current rate m getting .. get me?


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