Wednesday, 2 April 2008

dropping by to say hi..

it was good to see fififlafla again.. i have not seen her since a peep's wedding in october. her kuew teow was superr pedas i must say.. caveman pun surrender. she looked great.. all slim and slender.. *wink* and no.. i didn't manage to kacau her Bella time. arjuna got back right on time! *LOL*

then i bump into dee.. another bridezilla.. the last i saw her was also in october.. also at the same wedding.. good to see her losing her mind.. on CCP.. not on the wedding.. hehehe!

then when i got home yesterday.. i log on my ym.. and there was yummymummy.. though our webcam kept dying on us.. then i saw bubbles... sampai mimpi2..! i actually dreamt i was babysitting bubbles.. and it was an elephant park (mummys' fav animal LOL) and she kept jumping into the river where the elephants were bathing..! and i kept screaming (safeiaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! ) and jumping in to drag her out. and she's not crying.. she was laughing! the thing is.. the elphie's doody were all in the river! yuck! but as i was talking to her.. i realised.. that's not bubbles.. cos bubbles is all grown up.. so the little bubble.. was bubble's little sister! hmm... ape tandanya tu yumsie??? could our little plan really coming true?? ngehngehngeh!


a yummy mummy handbook said...

oh my...this is soo scary!! baby swimming in a pool of doody?? ohh tidak...but really just soundslike her....she loves elephant..just like mummy...but maybe she likes horsei alittle bit more....teh daddy will have to save some $$$$ for a horsie!!!

little miss kechik said...

LOL! well, it is her.. what's weird is, her big sis look just like her too. and they both answer to my "safeiaaa!!!!!!". cane tu?