Thursday, 24 April 2008

emang gua pikirin..??

m a huge fan of ahmad dhani.. i think he's a musical genius.. but as a normal person.. i think he's a male chauvinist.. well.. maybe that's just the way he is.. but to his ex wife even? c'mon....

many may have read about his separation with his then wife (also part of the duo Ratu), Maia. rumors has it that it was due to the other Ratu, Mulan.. main kayu 3, 4 i dunno la kan.. (why was she Mulan kwok then.. now mulan jamila? someone update me?). so now.. maia has come out with a new line up.. featuring a singer named mey chan.


ok, so maybe the combo aint as hot as the with mulan.. or even with pinkan mambo.. but with dhani saying that his ex wife was being emotional is deciding the new line up & the new line up of Ratu (now known as Maia&Friends) wouldn't be as good as the former, without the ahmad dhani touch.. i think he's just being "jelek". he went all the way commenting even mulan, was prettier.. eee..! teruk la this guy..!

watch this video.. and u'll know what i mean.. (aku plak emo)..

well.. like their new song.. it was spot on...

emang gua pikirin...???


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sugarysweet said...

"diri ku seksi..kini terbukti.."