Sunday, 27 April 2008

giving in to temptations..

no thanks to the many, many poisons i've received.. i finally gave in to the temptation.. and brought along my new baby to the field this weekend.

caveman took me to cameron highlands, to get some new plants for his home, and to give us both an idea what might work for our own garden soon. i just couldn't resist, and after caveman giving me the OK.. i took my D60 out of the box..and snap away.

a newbie.. i still couldnt figure out the many settings.. aperture la.. ape la.. the technicalities are a bit overwhelming for me. but i loved it. luv it luv it luv it! and m pretty proud of the results (kembang, kempis *LOL*) ..

*note : more pixs here

as for the cameron trip.. i know caveman loves gardening.. i just never knew he loves it this much! he practically bought every pot of hydrangeas that we came across.. bunga or no bunga.. green, white, blue, pink.. all! i only manage to cilok 2 .. to prep it up for our mushroom house. and he bought a lovely green orchid.

i dont know when he'll even get to put all these in his garden.. for he just got a call he may be leaving tomorrow. sigh... here goes... m gonna miss him all over again..

as for the new baby.. i've put it back in the box.. it is part of my seserahan... *LOL* but it was fun & i cant wait to take it out again.. for the honeymoons maybe? *wink*

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