Tuesday, 15 April 2008

hydrangeas, hydrangeas..!

when i was much, much younger.. i remember seeing them at my aunt's.. and my granma loves them. tapi, orang johor panggil hydrangeas "bunga zaleha". dont ask me why.

so lately, watching my mom's pots of hydrangeas bloom, made me want to have them in my own garden in the future. i dont want them in pots, i want to to be a huge shrub in my garden. biasala, berangan mesti la terer merer kan. i cant even feed a fish for God's sake! *LOL*

still, i've been studying them. manically. caveman too. amazingly, he loves them since he saw them at my parent's. so we've been analysing the whole process. like, where the hell will we plant it where it will get enought sun&shade at the same time? can we actually plant it as shrubs?

i read, planning for a garden (even if it is as big as your loo), is harder than planning for a whole house! i believe its true. i can sense it.

maybe should leave this to caveman. since he wont be allowed for any kinds of pets *LOL*

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