Wednesday, 23 April 2008

paris van java : day 1

well... what can i say.. i love bandung even more this time around.. muahahaha! lengthy posts are a bore.. so i'll split it up to multiple entries..

Day 1

after the miscalculation of the boarding time *grin* the rombongan pah bedah was up&away to BDO on a saturday morning. i can see mama's face gleam with excitement *LOL*. upon arrival, our supir, Mas Beni.. was super nice. and funny.

we headed to the town for a late lunch after freshing up (Cihampelas 2 Hotel is an affordable, clean hotel smacked in the middle of Ci-Walk). i specifically requested for a lunch at Pak Chi Met cos the food is just yummy. ikan bakar gurame la.. ayam bakar la.. yummyyylicious sunda food at its best! and my ulti fav.. jus alpokat..*sigh*

Mas Beni dropped mama&i to Pasar Baru, for the *gasp* fitting. it was good to see Ika & Endar again. much hugs &kisses.. Endar showed me his masterpiece. i was soooooo flipped out when i saw my wedding dresses. it was nothing over the top. it was just the way i always imagined my wedding dresses would be. understated glam *LOL* and amazingly i could still fit in it. much thanks to God's creation of bustier *grin* Endar told me to lose 4kg of my butt *LOL*!

and the shoes... sigh... here's a pic of the shoes.. sneak preview.. the dress..? only the Chosen Ones get to see em before the big day *wink* but if the kasut is like that... the dress.. ngehngehngeh!

mama went nuts buying fabrics for herself.. which i must say.. is very2 nice. something she will never buy on normal basis. but with the strong poison by ika & endar.. she even end up tailoring it with Endar!

we picked up mbak ida&mbak ila at the FO's. i can see em going crazy, especially at the kids section. my vice? baby tees. but being tight on my budget.. i only bought a jeans&tee. and some stuff for adik, abah&caveman.

dinner was super at Warung Ampera.. they have probably the best bergedel ive had in my entire life! seriously.

it was fun being out with mama. i've never been on an outbound trip with her alone. and it was fun making fun at her. kadang tu kesian gak, tertinggal.. i keep telling her.. ma, jalan laju cket.. *LOL*


a yummy mummy handbook said...

ohh i didnt know u had shoes.....niceeeee!!!....i cant wait to see u with the full dress on!!!...:D glam cavewoman! hehehehe

little miss kechik said...

he made me shoes... nice no? u can too when u go.. muahahaha *poisooonnnn*

azu said...

did u ask them to make ur shoes & dress b4 u went to bandung?u did go to bandung earlier & order everything rite?or u order from malaysia & went there to pick up?please let me know as i am interested to make shoes & dress as well.thanks

little miss kechik said...

hi ..i just saw ex made his bride's baju he told me & gave the contacts before i left. so i went and chose the fabric & order everything. then went back in a couple of months for fitting & bring it home..

azu said...

can gimme their contact details?
mail me plss