Wednesday, 23 April 2008

paris van java : day 2

Day 2

after a normal indo breakfast of nasi goreng.. we were informed that mas beni was involved in an accident.. "motornya ditambrak mobil bu" waduh... gawat man..! and.. Bu Titi was our chaperon for the day.. later we found out (not through her of course) that she was actually the owner of the Cihampelas Hotel chain! now.. should we.. or should we not tip? hmmmm *grin*

she took us to the tiny street of Tamrin.. where rows of shops selling fabrics by the kilo are. a particular shop sells tons of cute cottons (katun they call it) and i went nuts! literally nuts! i love these katun.. they make such cute baju kurung (if u need to buy ur way into the MIL dungeon.. this is it! i kid u not!) today, as i write these.. i regret not buying it all. at RM4.00 per meter.. the quality is at par with those selling at RM25 per meter back home.

next stop.. rumah mode again, of course. the peeps went wild with laces & shantungs *LOL* me.. i just sit back & watch em go nuts! i really didn't want to shop as i still have a lot in my list.. for the family. i tell you buying kain for the family is even more tiring then buying for myself! *grin*

we only did 2 shop (the same 2 shop i went to in february) and we're beat. finally at 4pm we head out to Kampung Daun for lunch. and drop by adry's place to pick up my doorgift. her house area... fab! on the hills.. the houses are amazingg...!! its good to see her again.. unfortunately her baby boy was asleep. sigh. oh yea.. that pic.. is the pic of the gift she made me. ofcourse, this one has been modified cos its flower came off due to the tumble & fumble of the backpack. it wont be fun if i show the real gift *wink* but adry.. geulis ga? bisa dijual sih ide aku.. kaya' kotak putih itu deh *grin*

along the way to kampung daun.. the rain didnt stop at all. it has been raining since we touched down in bandung. we told mama, bandung kaget ama mama! hehe. its like driving up to cameron highlands.. nurseries everywhere, with hydrangeas blooming like nobody's business!

kampung daun is simply amazing. i love the way they build the whole area. the wakaf, the landscape, the food..super! it was definitely worth driving up from the town. but alas, it rained so we couldn't take any pics. i only manage to get some on the wakaf.. inspiration mate, inspiration *berangan mode*

last stop... kartika sari.. for the yummy brownies kukus. ramai gile orang. sampai molen pisang aku pun dah abis. this time, i didnt even get them. even at the airport, they've ran out of it..

sigh.. it was so tiring. endar dropped by our room later that night to pick up the kain he's tailoring for us. i dunno why i fell into that trap.. but i guess if it costs the same to make it here.. and i know he has magic hands.. why not. i just need to pujuk my office mates to pick it up for me. hehehe!


Anonymous said... have you got everythin already? am sure it's far waaaaay cheaper than m'sia. the shoes look gorgeouss babe. eh tunjuk laa your bajuuu..what is your wedding theme anyway...balinese style? garden wedding? jawa style? english ancient? ;P


Anonymous said...

owh yeah, i read somewhere you bought yourself a new house!!! hoooraaay!!..i bought mine in gosssh, buying a house is not as simple as one would think??!! have to deal with many forms, fees, bank, reno, decorations..well in terms of reno, i haven't even cat my apt. yet. i think i'd better do it somewhere end of this year hehe. malu laaaa nak invite for housewarming when my house is rather empty. kalau bercakap bergemaaaa satu rumah! anyway, my apt is facing the at least sejuk mata memandang after all the hustle n bustle on the glad you choose s'wan to start a family!!! waaaay to go!! im going for American country style..somewhere around there la kot..and still dreaming about it!! LOL..


little miss kechik said...

the theme is tiffany's in taman ijo. pearls @ blings please.

biasala beb.. bergema satu umah tu.. satu kewajiban kalau baru pindah..hahah!