Monday, 12 May 2008

caught my eye..

what caught my eye today on the world wide web ..?

1. chocolate is edible.. woohoo!!

The key to including indulgences like chocolate in your diet without blowing your calorie limit is to eat them in moderation. That means limiting yourself to a small piece or two a day (about one ounce or 150 calories worth), and splurging on high-quality chocolate that really satisfies.

hmm.. snickers or m&m? *grin*

2. Lose 10 pounds in 6 weeks????
a. 1 serving of cereal.
b. skip late night snack or after 8 comfort food (damn)
c. scratch butter / margerine
d. lose the mayo & cheese in sandwich.. (my super chicken sandwich will never be the same)
e. delete the extra.. i.e. no munching on ur kids leftovers!or parents, in my case.. *LOL*

3. jennifer anniston & john mayer latest pics.. awwww...

4. so the wedding is true...

5. m bored as hell.. body here.. soul dunno where.. n m off for 4 days .. training centre *blergh* but hopefully get to drop by Ikea for some refresher course in the art of shopping *LOL*


Anonymous said...

IKEA..woohooo!! shopping heaven! tp dah lame tak pi laa..dammit. how's the preparation goin in your new mushroom?? what theme..err..modern, zen, country, minimalist, rojak?


little miss kechik said...