Friday, 16 May 2008

the week in summary

1. mushroom mansion.. still a long way to go.. but m hopefuls..

2. two key people in my childhoon life gave birth to 2 beautiful boys.. to khemy and poe... hellloooo motherhood!! (oklah, 2nd time for khemy..)

3. course? blerghhh!! couldn't even give me room to meet up with peeps.. except for bridezilla timtim.. itupun jap sangat. gave up on the last day.. hence.. No 4.

4. found a super cool shop in Nilai 3 selling lightings, wholesale. i.e. cheap. m not talking a few bucks cheap.. m talking hundreds.. and some model.. 1k cheaper. its crazy. my head almost popped. managed to control meself but got me a wall mounted red mini chandelier for the stairways.. since everything else is monotonous.. the path to our bedroom should be enlighting.. don't u think? *wink*

5. still on the mushroom mansion.. Ikea was.. hmm.. confusing.. spoilt for choice. i wish i had a lorry with me!! *LOL* but i sorta know what i want know.. and keep the check & balance, in check.

6. forget losing the kilos.. m gaining them. don't ask! and i've been researching on the link between blood type & diet. next post!

enjoy ur weekend peeps..!

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