Tuesday, 6 May 2008

fly lady.. flyyyy...!

yes.. i need another holiday. please.

yesterday.. MAS started their price war by announcing the zero fare promo. interesting.

today.. Airasia lashes back.. :

> AirAsia will pay the difference to any of his passengers if they can find any MAS airfare that is lower than the cheapest offered by AirAsia.

> A sub-Zero Fare campaign.

read full article here peeps ..

holidays anyone..??



Anonymous said...

I couldn't find any flights on MAS that were cheaper than AirAsia - and believe me I tried!!
So much 4 the 0Fare thing!Geez...

little miss kechik said...

teehee...i cant wait for the airasia promo too.. they've come out with the calculation prompter today on their site..