Thursday, 8 May 2008

prunes anyone?

as i sit in the meeting room.. i can see sexyback rambling on & on about money laundering.. how this hometown of mine is a redlight area.. interesting ei? mind start to wonder as cik mong said i looked dark..burnt today.. i thought so too this morning. i dunno.. some morning.. right after sun block.. i think i look darker then usual. i wonder why..?

then i start to crave for ribena. dont ask why. when i was small.. mama used to tell me.. drink ribena.. nanti kulit cantik. tipu ke ape ke.. i dunno la.. but it worked *LOL* but i havent drank it for a while now. since the doc told soya is good for my BP.

then i started to think.. maybe i should buy that Brand's Inner Shine Prune Essence..since ive been reading about it.. and they say it tasted like ribena. yummy. plus it has a whole load of crap that good for your skin&detox its sucrose free..

will let you know how this works out for me..

a quote from the official website ..

For best absorption of its nutrients, drink it before bed and wake up to a whole new you, feeling fresher and rejuvenated.


p/s : yes.. i just need a reason to shop.. *grin*


sugarysweet said...

take those antioxidants at 10pm as this is the time our body relieves itself of I was told by my physician :)

little miss kechik said...

yes ma'am...