Saturday, 10 May 2008

sedang ingin bercinta..

going through the photo & video collection of my nephews.. it surprises me how much they've grown.

ajiq has grown so tall.. and less chubby.. he used to be very2 bulat & i loved biting him. which was why he hated me when he was a tot..*LOL* .. now, at 7, he still hates it when i bite him.. cos as he puts it "mama, stop biting me!! tak cool laa!!"

darry.. well.. he's gone thinner & darker.. and his once sweet smiley face is all frown now. i dunno why. everyone notices it. its not so much of a frown.. its more of a kerek look.

i couldn't upload any video of ajiq cos it was too big for youtube.. but this video of darry when he was 5 was super adorable..


a yummy mummy handbook said...

ala...soo cute!! babe i use to remember them being soo little..7 tahun tu dah budak besar!!

little miss kechik said...

tulah.. dah besar.. dah sekolah.. remember u used to ask me how many teeth they had.. gigi susu pun dah patah dah sekarang..! hehe!