Sunday, 11 May 2008

what's in a name..?

out of the blue.. i felt like searching my name in youtube. dont ask me why.. it was on impulse *LOL* glad to notify that the babies with the same name are super fabulosity! *phew*

when i was much younger.. i used to ask mama what my name meant. sebab kat sekolah ustaz dok citer pasal meaning of names.. and all my brothers' names were there.. nor, khairul, anwar.. me? na da. nil. non existent. even after my mom told me how she got my name.. (it was a fabulously glamorous way, there's a royalty wedding involved *peewiit*), i was still convinced mama dont love me. like yummymummy puts is.. "mama tak sayang ateh".

until today that is *LOL*

in Arabic, it meant might, power. woohooo. spot on. to me, black is black. white is white. and it will be grey not because you talk me into it. but because i said so.

in African, it meant female. makes sense. pink is female.. and m a sucker inside. *LOL*

and it turn out that it is also a name of a very western port in africa. congo. that explains why m always poking fun at that name congo (example : mama asks "abah mana? me "congo")

so i went on to search on my fav peeps name ...

yummy mummy's name is irish / english and meant Light, Honour *wah*

tall munchkin's name is french for Form of Elizabeth. God's oath *gasp*

fififlafla's name originated from India and meant Divine creative force in everything *uiyo*

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