Sunday, 4 May 2008


if all goes well.. my imeem playlist will automatically play Sempurna by Andra & The Backbone to death on my blog. but as usual, its been really slow in loading. so bear with it ok. the song is... perfect. i've loved this song since it first came out early last year.

now.. the song is on the trailer of the movie "Love". the remake of the Malaysian movie, Cinta. directed also by Kabir Bhatia. but this time the song is done by Erwin Gutawa (musical extraordinaire of Indonesia) little girl.. Gita Gutawa. since fauzi baadila is in this movie.. i may watch it.. but then there's the teen craze couple.. si pencinta wanita&cewek lim kok wing in it too. blergh. maybe can fast forward during their scene. worst, si cewek lim kok wing is playing amani's scene, which is played together with fauzi baadila. erghhh uwekk.. tengok je laaa..!

the original is still the best though.

can't wait to watch the movie Ayat ayat Cinta too. i think i saw the book somewhere here.. maybe should put in my seserahan. heiii... its an Islamic movie.. do not let the title fool you ok..a little background here.

yes i know i should be studying. malasss laaa... and my course is starting in 2 weeks time. m doomed!!!


and how can one study when episode 12 & 13 of Grey's Anatomy is finally out? hmm?! how?

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sugarysweet said...

Hey..I just overheard some people talking bout the book in the locker room the other day..was just about to go get it :)
My course starts TOMORROW!!bleeerrgghh....