Sunday, 4 May 2008

wanna watch wishlist

havent been watching any good Indo movie of late.. well, except for Get Married.. which was hilarious..

as i was googling for the newer INdo movies... these 3 caught my attention.. and i hope someone upload them on youtube soon...

3 hari untuk selamanya ...nicolas sasputra.. need i say more..?

ayat ayat cinta.. taken from the novel.. (which i only knew after yummy mummy told me. but after googling it.. waaa... hebat ni..)

perempuan punya cerita.. must be good.. sounds a bit like berbagi suami.. but m sure its not a funny movie.


dura said...

get married is effin good. lucu banget!!!!

little miss kechik said...

kann??ahahaa! i luvvv aming!! u should watch him in the weekly extravaganza.. ada dalam youtube