Tuesday, 12 August 2008


apa saya buat pada 08.08.08 :

before 9am : screamed out of tune, in the office.. HAPPYYYY BIRTHDAAAYYY SYEEDDD!!

before 10am : met my 1st deadline.. phew!

before 11am : 2nd deadline kapish.. the system died on me

before 12 pm : driving to KL *LOL*

before 1pm : stopped for ribena as my gula level surged too low. halucination alert *LOL*

before 2pm : still driving.. singing on top of my out of tune lungs

before 3pm : had sundae w/ caveman. wee

before 4pm : caveman all confused. me? even more confused. oh yea.. we were at Ikea.

before 5pm : trolley 1/2 full

before 6pm : trolley full. next.. cupcakechic!!!!!! finally had red velvet.. yumss!!

before 7pm : made our way to the gardens

before 8pm : sighh... chill.. at last. what a long day. cik mong txt me saying sexyback was looking for me to take pics w/ the auditors. blergh. buang masa.

so that was what i did on that historical day. caveman & were joking bout how we were supposed to be married that day.. but our logic mind said.. NO!!! hahaha!

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