Tuesday, 12 August 2008

A Fishy Affair

what a weekend. it was meant for us to meet as many of our peeps & to get as many things done (yes, caveman & i are super planning freaks) ... but we ended doing maybe a totally different agenda (but still keeping it withing our limited time frame)

to cut a long story short (and save my neck).. caveman and i headed for the ever so humid & busy Jalan TAR for his samping.. it took us 1 hour to complete this task.. and got our ass out of there as i got really2 hungry... and moody.. *LOL*

then came the part we've been waiting for.. the FISH SPA!! after a so-so lunch.. we tracked our the fish docs.. and to my delight.. it was really2 fun. super ticklish.. these tiny (and some big) fishes would bite and nimble.. eeeeeee geliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!! i was screaming.. and caveman was.. well.. dalam usaha cover line.. pun terpaksa jerit2 gak. LOL!

the smaller fishes would feel like tiny electric shocks.. but the bigger ones would bite bite bite! you can actually feel its teeth. hee. but the result..? soft feet... aaawwww *LOL*

caveman was so addicted to this fish spa.. he dragged me to the one in midvalley the next day. crazy. but it was actually a better one compared to the one in pavilion.. where the fishes are segregated according to its sizes.
and our mission to find the perfect sandal... failed. the crocs hated my feet (its made for volumptuous feet).. clarks has no colour .. hush puppies?? blergh. and the new nike..? yucks!
ye.. saya dah tua sebab kaki saya cepat lenguh..


Muhammad Zainur said...

apa faedahnya spa ikan ni?
dia gigit bulu kaki tak?
kalau macam tu tak payah nak buat waxing lagi.... LOL

Fieran said...

Hey :) you should try timberland. I saw gorgeous leather sandals here in Oslo.


See the first image on the last row. I tried it on - they were awesome - but not for the elusive Summer we get in Oslo (3 weeks or so of warm weather then back to rain and wind). I think it will be great for Malaysian weather. Take a look :)

little miss kechik said...

neat..but i didnt notice em here in their stores..will check it out..

Exotica / Aida Kamsuri said...

I still think that fish spa is somewhat a rip off.
But i love the foot reflexoloxy in Kenko Fish Spa in Pavilion. Marvellous, and worth doing.