Tuesday, 16 September 2008

bunga manggar

do u know what a bunga manggar is? my mom have been bugging me about it..

its those shiny papers .. stuck on lidi.. to make up a super colourful tree that little boys carry.. walking along the groom..

today.. as the whole system crashes.. i manage to check out fififlafla's wedding blogs & fotopages.. man i haven't browsed through them in months.. sorry mya.. *frown* and i've missed quiet a lot i might say.

one post really got to me though.. about bunga manggar.. feathered boa bunga manggar. goodness.. i thought it was a joke. but it's not. people are actually selling them. lepas aku usha2.. ish.. cute tuu.. of course not the pink ones la.. please la.. my wedding have enough pink already.. yes poe u must be proud *LOL* .. but.. its something very, very different

*evil plan creeping in*

check it out here..

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