Monday, 15 September 2008


ok.. there have been a few questions i've been meaning to ask my married friends but seemed to always forget... :

1. what if i need to pee? corset.. girdle.. that's quiet an adventure...and knowing me..

2. what if something bad curls up my tummy & i wanna throw up? during my makan berdamai? how? do i turn blue & smile..? or do i turn to my MIL & says.. "excubluerrrrrkkkkkkkkkkkk"! how?

3. what if my head itch.. am i allowed to scratch? nanti sanggul senget.. how?

4. why do people always say.. pengantin must walk slow-slow? so people can stare? huarghh!! menakutkan!

5. what if m not hungry.. or worst.. still hungry.. but the show must go on.. then i pengsan (of over eating... or under eating) .. how? i got gastric k.

6. can i hug my guy friends like i always do? will my mom & MIL bite my head off?

that's all for now. expecting answers.. *grin*


Anonymous said... many days left before the big day of your life!!! woot! woot!..i rase bukan setakt butterflies in your stomach jer..dinasor, panda, org utan all kinds..hehe..:P if i were you, i pun akan jadi nebes, nebes..take a deeeeeeeeep breathe, am sure your sanggul wont go senget laaa...make sure that mak andam or pak andam make the sanggul strong enough regardless of tsunami or tidal waves melanda!!!


lis said...

ok.. here's my 2 cents worth:
1. if u need to pee then go pee la. but after taking so long to put on that outfit.. trust me.. u dont need to pee!
2. keke.. if i were u, i'd try not to aim for the MIL.. maybe the bridesmaid. ahaha
3. tap it. dont scratch it! remember.. must look gooooooodddddd!
4. no need to walk slow slow la. but when u make entrance dont walk so fast la. plus, trust me, u cant move very fast in that outfit
5. u r allowed to eat. it's your wedding. try to have fun. and u paid good money for the damn food.
6. cannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn! who cares what MIL thinks! getting married shouldnt have to change u.

and my no. 1 advise. dont forget to smile smile smile. u'll be thankful when u see the lovely photos :)

hang in there. only few more weeks!

little miss kechik said...

:D (practise senyum)