Monday, 8 September 2008


i've been getting a lot of these lately :

"babe.. bagik some hotel numbers.. we're thinking of some mini holiday during your wedding"

"we're planning a pangkor trip after your wedding la.."

"babe.. between xx hotel and yy hotel.. which is better? nak cuti la lepas wedding you.."

wee.. i love the fact people are taking my wedding as part of their holiday. so i've updated the blog w/ list of hotels .. err.. top right peeps.. ok? (cousin just asked me where its at..hee)..

sorry i couldn't update hotels and chalets in Pangkor as there were just too many of them. but feel free to ask.. *hee*

happy planning babes... *wink* see u in lumuuuuuuuuttttt


Anonymous said...

wow bnyknyeee yg nak pi holidaying kat lumut. luckily i have my own cheap budget hotel *wink* *wink*..rumah parents la ape lagik hehehehe..:P weei babe, what do ya want for your wedding gift aar???? don't demand big big stuff laaa..maklumler petrol dah naik hik hik hik..:P


little miss kechik said...

hee.. shall blog about that soon.. ke macam vain sangat a nanti? *LOL*

anything for the house is fine babe..even a pair of sudu & garfu.. fuhh.. kali dengan 500 banyak tu.. *LOL*

Twiggy said...

owh i just love weddings!!

Anonymous said...

yeah yeah... nampaknya aku je lah berholiday kat kuala. haha!