Monday, 8 September 2008

maya karin weds..

i came across these photos in my email.. taken from a celebrity filled website. my oh my.. i loveee her dress. it looked like the bohemian chantique wedding dress that i was eyeing. of course, me no maya karin la kan.. *LOL*

anyway .. her door gift.. mak aii... deep indeed. susah2 aku gi angkut dari bandung. if only i thought of this, angkut je dari kedai lampu. hee.

a lovely wedding indeed..sigh..


qwazymonkey said...

While I love the dress and think the cake's beautiful, but what heck is the lightbulb doing there? Sure kerja sponsor nie!

Anonymous said...

woohhooooo babe, you finally got the pictures!!!...her wedding is totally simple yet to CT Nurhaliza yg terover extravaganza..what a waste!!


little miss kechik said...

hahah.. on the lightbulb..yea.. i also think ni kerja sponsor.. but she seemed soooo excited about it. hee!

and cik CT biasa laaaaa... (i rest my case.. bulan posa *LOL*)

qwazymonkey said...

well, kalau the sponsor bayar u beribu-ribu lemon to promote lightbulb for your wedding, u'll also excited kan?

Selamat berpuasa beb!

little miss kechik said...

sangat. i mean.. anything that makes a bride's life easier.. we get excited. hee!