Wednesday, 24 September 2008


credits to shopaholicsunite

after months and months of discussions via YM w/ fififlafla, my wedding extraordinaire.. we finally manage to avoid the wedding issues altogether...*phew* talking about something else, but the wedding.. is a huge relief *LOL*

so last night we decided that the comeback of the maxi is definitely hot. even yummymummy thought it'd look hot on her "current status" *wink*

i seriously wouldn't know how it would look on me (the 5 feeters hahah) .. but i remembered trying on mama's vintage maxi when i was in school. fuhhh... ketat!! yes, mom was stick thin *haterating* and i loved it (minus the ketatness la). of course back then weighing 45kg.. now, lain cerita la kan.

but who cares.. i know a good thing when i see one. and since the wedding is sooooo perempuan like, unlike me, that is *grin*.. i so need something feminine to be in, the day before the wedding.

tapi takla the sexy version.. agak2 a cket cik munah, cik tipah yang ramai-ramai tu kan.. *LOL*

plus.. i need something hot for my seminyak days..(ubud takleh sexy2.. nanti kena kejor monyet)

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