Sunday, 28 September 2008

sleep..? bring it on..!

there was a meeting done somewhere earlier this week where sexyback could not stop irritating hte life out of me. and to make things worst.. he added 2 more files to my review list. 2!! i already have 20! up to early of september.. i was down to 8. then the bloody system was down.. and we're pressed for time this week. and he just had to add another 2. i have no idea where it came from. which, is unfair.. as it was not in the list he gave us in august. sucks rite? like him la.. sucky.

so in between my frantic drive around to get things done for the wedding.. we were all super stressed out at the office while he (sexy back).. were out collecting raya hampers. yes. he gets hampers from OUR customers. sucks again right?

but today.. on a sunday.. i manage to complete all of the remaining files. of course.. they weren't the best.. and of course i have boycotted the recent 3 (on friday he gave me another 1.. suckss super ..) and tonight.. i finally can hit the bed with a clear head.

man i need a good massage!

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Twiggy said...

Takde kena mengena dengan post, just want to wish you a selamat hari raya!!! *hugs*