Sunday, 28 September 2008

i need a maid..

i was supposed to unpack the huge suitcase i've brought to the mushroom pad.. it's half of my current wardrobe. i ended up cleaning up the pad for i haven't been in it for 3 days. yes, 3 days collects quite a dust. have no idea where they came from, especially when the doors & windows are shut.

so there goes my new wardrobe project.. came instead.. i need a maid project. 1 1/2 storey of sweeping and mopping and scrubbing (3 loos) and what have yous is no joke. and this house doesn't even have much stuff to begin with. i think when i finally get it furnished, then probably it won't be so much work (can sweep under the carpet.. or chair.. haha)

but then again.. could it be the fasting month that got me super tired cleaning up the pad?

anyways.. to housewives.. s.a.l.u.t!

p/s : yes.. i don't do much housework *LOL*

1 comment:

Male maid said...

I am willing to be your maid and do all the housework for you. Do you want me to wear such a skimpy dress and high heels like the lady on the picture? Is that the required uniform? *LOL*