Tuesday, 14 October 2008

the day before...

it was difficult to sleep the past few nights before the solemnisation. that wednesday night was no exception. woke up super early knowing a lot will be happening.

Shuba came to do my henna. i chose a paisley design, being my uber fav thing. it turned out greaaatttt. so i was feeling really chirpy & all.. with the pelamin (dais) being fixed downstairs.. excited la kan.. finally a stress free day. or so i think..

the pelamin is ready.. i was told. but i can see on a few faces that the "its nice la" claims weren't real. so when my henna was 95% dry, i walked down the stairs to see the dais and to my horror.. i was horrid!! i hated it! i almost cried cos i know the pelamin was the last thing i should worry about. i texted & mmsed my chief de missions & peeps to vent.

then i received the horrifying mms that Hani was involved in a car accident, on her way to Lumut. we were all very worried.. and hoped that her family is fine.

the cake that arrived w/ caveman.. my tiffany & co cake.. loveeeelyy..!!

linda the maid of honour came & move straight to the kitchen. wonder woman betul.. m so glad she came early to help mama.

maya the bridesmaid and nazi.. arrived later in the evening.. and started to waive her magic wand. hours past by.. and i still couldn't rest. the pelamin team arrived at 11pm to fix the damage they created.. and i was already too sleepy to argue. all i know, i've placed two pots of hydrangeas by the dais. follow them.

the pelamin.. before and after

the hantaran team also took a long time to make ensure our tiffany&co vs senorita hantaran turn out right. i guess my hen night was the bride trying to sleep.. the bridesmaid at her wits end to complete her assignment.. the bridesmaid hubby keeping my nephew entertained (PSP rawks)..

we all gave up.. at 2am..

it was a long day indeed..

p/s : hani dropped by at about 11.. i thought she was the pelamin lady.. such a pleasant surprise.. and i was touched beyond words (oklah.. among one of the touched beyond words moments LOL)


Hani said...

the dais looks great in th pics la beb..
and yea..
ur dad tot i was the pelamin ladee too..asked me to go straight up to ur room when i stepped into the house..kekeke

p/s sorry about the scare..i shouldn't have sent u the pic..huhu

little miss kechik said...

yea.. then on the morning of nikah.. everyone told me the photog was there.. tengok2.. ur hubby. hahahah!

WAQ said...

eh ! apsal ade gamba saya ha ?? kenapa...? kenapaaaaa???