Tuesday, 14 October 2008

the solemnisation..

i woke up thinking.. oh gawddd.. this is it!in a few hours m a wifey. blergh.. menakutkan.

my super fly make up artist texted me in the wee hours of the morning to wake me up. i couldn't wait to see her work her magic. for i've seen her work on wati & baby's wedding.. it's amazing.

my palms were sweaty from the nerves.. and the peeps kept telling me to sit still.

suddenly we heard caveman's big laugh.. and we knew the groom is in the house. that made me even more nervous.

the sudden silence indicated the kadi is in the house & ready to party.. great.

half way through his ceramah.. he realised the bride is not there. well.. takleh la pandai2 turun kan. control la kan *LOL* tu pun they said i walked down the stairs too fast. when i saw the video playback.. i was. it wasn't too fast.. i guess considered fast to a bride's standard. *LOL*

i felt like it was the longest time sitting across the kadi. i can't see my dad's reaction though as he was sitting beside the kadi. caveman breezed through all the questions (yes.. there were 4!!). and to all who wondered (it was the number 1 question asked until the 11th).. he said (the lafaz akad) in 1 go. SAHHHHHHHHH! *LOL*

and number 2 question people asked of me.. how do i feel.. i felt.. relieved.. touched.. and very much in love.

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