Tuesday, 14 October 2008

the reception..

the reception trivia.. :

1. the chief de missions held a meeting in the morning.. in the bilik pengantin.. while the bride was getting her make up done. the chief were my brother angah & buddy pakwan.

verdict : the nazis pulled it off just the way we all planned it. kudos!!! u people are the best!

2. the guests came as early as 11.50.. and as late as 7! i waited on in my make up & wedding dress until then. my besties were there (i so wish yummymummy was there).. my schoolmates were there.. my uni mates were there.. my workmates were too. and of course.. some i've known but never met. some i just knew but never met. some got lost along the way& was late.. some got stuck in a massive jam & came late.. (lucky our tea menu was still available).. some stayed on until the canopy was back in the lorry..

m glad my dad insisted we stayed outside in the hot sun to meet our guests. we met each &everyone of them (sorry if we missed any of you) & it felt great.

*hugssss* thanks so much peeps.. we are honoured beyond words.

3. the food : we heard it was good (pengantin manader selera makan johnnn... *LOL*)

4. the photographer : waq of jangguttouch was as always.. beyond expectation. he brought along 3 of his peeps & we had a blast. of course there were awkward moments & we kept persuading caveman to smile a bit. but it was all a good laugh & we had fun.

5. the dress, the make up, the hair : perfect. need i say more? p/s : the corset was a bit longgar. woohoo (hint nak bagitau, dah kurus *LOL*)

6. the weather : sunnnnnnyyyyy!! peluh menitik2.. tapi.. belasaahh!!

7. soundman kiteorg : apek yang sangat melayan lagu wonderful tonight. lepas kul 5.. layan jiwaaaa sorang2... hahah!

8. our mc : sangat hot. sangat pro. *hugs*

sigh.. it was a good day. Alhamdullilah...

P/s : the reception was blogged in Sugary Sweet & Dua Kupang's blog


Anonymous said...

Eh? ada karaoke ke?
camna aku boleh miss ni? chisss

rugi... rugi....

Anonymous said...

Zaila..nnt i kawin, i hire u jd my wedding planner ok.."set"


little miss kechik said...

karaoke start kul 4.45.. tanpa izin aku of course. apek tu ada lagi melayu rock kapak siottt.. hahah!

flush said...

hi.. selamat pengantin baru..
nak request bleh.. plz copy lagu2 masa wedding hr tu.. byr pun takpe.. otherwise i bg cd free..

azim - waq's tagged photographer..

little miss kechik said...

helu. ooh... the cd? ada 5 cd.. u want them in audio format.. or mp3? will get it done when we come back in a week. do remind me aa...

flush said...

better audio format.. boleh lyn dlm kereta (kete takde mp3).. inform la kalau dah blk dr bercuti..