Tuesday, 30 December 2008

buhhbyee 2008.. heiyaa 2009..!!

well.. what can i say.. 2008 has been tough. easy. stressful. de-stress. unforgiving. forgiving. money making. shopaholics.weds. divorce. babies. grannies.

outside the personal view.. the country.. the world.. probably faced some of the worst issues.. ever. human & nature all were pissed.. disgruntled.. lashing at everything and everyone.

it is one of the toughest year so far. looking back.. i don't think we did all that bad.

it will be tougher for 2009.. but that's how we all shall grow..

my new year's resolution? never had one cos i couldn't really keep up neither can i keep it up.. teehee.. but i wish that all of us has our big plans accomplished .. one way or another..


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