Tuesday, 30 December 2008

back again..

this thursday.. insyaAllah.. we will be heading back again to Klg. yes, my shift is due. hee. so before i make my way back.. i've been super busy updating everything at the office.. as well as at the mushroom (which includes night shift laundry.. urghs)..

so now that almost everything is fixed, updated, routed.. i can upload the last trip pics.. so that you peeps won't miss me that much.. now that i will be off a little bit longer than the last..

here are some of my favs..

*little miss misi.. jururawat yang tak cukup tido tapi tetap "sehat" LOL*

*cucu kesayangan & nenek kesayangan*

*mak, pondering.. "bile le crib aku nak siap"*

*cak cak cak*

*atok & cucu, dua2 suka kopitiam*

*my new project*

*anak ayam kg melayu*

*the morning ray we caught.. it was blurry cos abah won't stop the car..hehe*


Anonymous said...

kak zaila! send my luv rgds to tok nyak & ur mom. she hugged me that day, told me that she missed u ;p so cute!


little miss kechik said...
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little miss kechik said...

teehee.. she said we look alike.. i wonder tang mana.. hahah!