Saturday, 13 December 2008

the chronicles of a saturday..

early morning..

having 2 boys is difficult in my uber spotless mushroom. the moment i drop my magic domestic wand... the crumbs are everywhere again. huarghhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!

mid morning..
being aa corporate slave who's planning on an unpaid towards the end of the month.. i went back to the office today only to find the aircond is not working. then sexyback came to work too. damn. then i couldn't print the damn 6 pages i needed. shits. then sexyback fixed the aircond. shittyy! time to make like a fly.. and .. err.. fly?? lame. m old.

heavy rain. crumbs.

mid afternoon..
kids acting up. took em to an autocar wash.. rawang takde gamaknye.. excited macam gi circus. well.. i was the first time too.. so oklah... we're genetically compatible.. *LOL* some gas station has no gas. fuhh.. angin naik kat kepala wa. dripping ice creams in the bat mobile. sabor.. sabor..

later afternoon..
kena tiaw dgn mak sedara wa. tiba2. ni yang wa angin ni. in difficult times like these.. we should all reflect on ourselves & do something. instead of texting.. calling .. or every freakin move.. then panic.. major point.. nothing was done if really my grandmother is on a relapse. nothing. so.. pe hal plak wa yang nak kena marah? sebab wa cakap.. sume tunggu mama wa balik baru nak gerak? betul kan? it was like that when we first admitted mak to the hospital. betul kan? what the fuck...

pizza dah sampai.. amin...


khemy said...

eh..aku first komen ker..

kechik..wait till you get kids of your own...
be very afraid..
*P ramlee suspense music at the background*

little miss kechik said...

anak2 sedara aku dah nak masuk 8 tahun dah.. i think i know what i'll get myself into..

as for now.. adeke aku kena gi tengok cicakman 2??? cheeesssinnng!!!!