Friday, 12 December 2008

calendar.. anyone?

since sexy back have been really sucky these past few months.. more in the upcoming months i presume.. i need a super chick motivation to keep me going. if it wasn't the mortgage.. i would've left *LOL*

i've pimp (erghh.. sooo juvenile haha) my desk with my hantaran boxes.. served as stationeries organizers. wei.. kotak hantaran gua kewl gile ok.. eloookkk cket.. (for those thinking some frilly swirly hantaran boxes)

now..i need a super cool 2009 desk calendar.. . i vow not to have any of my customer's lame calendar.. (yes.. they have upgraded from those kuda calendar to pics of lame flowers & trees)..

ideas anyone?


Anonymous said...

Bikin sendiri punya. I did. Mucho coolest thing ever.

Go to You can create your own on their website, and also edit/glamorize any photos you want to use on their site. Go and see la.

Fieran said...

This looks nice. They *might* have it in MPH's calendar section (normally near the 2nd entrance area)

little miss kechik said...

thanks peeps... mwahh! i shall hijack sexyback's colour printer .. hehe!

ahh man.. i luvvv the shoe gallery calendar...mph don't have em la.. :((

khemy said...

oh i lurve the kuda calendar..classic yet informative..hehehe..can get one if you purchase groceries/anything from singseh shop..hurry..while stock last..

little miss kechik said...

i get em for free..