Sunday, 21 December 2008

honey m home......

m back... and i have more happy pics to share... yeyy!!

happy to say she's doing fine.. ofcourse la.. her kuli balaci balik.. at her beck & call.. *LOL* i had an average of 2 hour sleep per day since wednesday.. but m loving every minute i slave myself to her. literally.. slave.. macam magnet melekat kat tepi tilam die.. tangan wa ni.. dah sebati dengan minyak yu yee tu... lu suh wa mandi dengan minyak yu yee tu pun tarak hal. hehe!

ofcourse the part where she gets ill between 12 to 1 am (its always the same timing).. i devastating. camne nak tolong kan.. the semput part has improved a lot.. due to a new med. after 2 it has always been super funny. she is her cheerful self.. her voice loud as ever.. mencaruttt...! my peeps who know mak very well.. knows how funny she is.. and yes.. she mencarut all the time. *LOL* early morning is her diaper drama. which is funny cos she needs you to be super fast.. hahah!

i miss her already.. and i can't wait to go back. again. hopefully this time at her own place.

but for now.. i had my long deserve nap.. in the car. so sorry la i couldn't drive at all today, abah.. lenkali la ye.. heehee!

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